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I focus on the pain…

I shot this photograph in a decaying Operating Room of an old abandoned Soviet hospital in former East Germany, a place I had visited a four times, three of them solo.  I can’t begin to describe how creepy it is to visit a place like this alone.  You start to hear things that you hope […]

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Breathe Your Life into Me

If you’ve been here with me since around the time I started this blog, you know that I love to listen to great tunes when I process my work.  Heck, I’d listen to it when I’m out shooting URBEX as well to help me create, but in those environment, I really need to have all […]

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The Hand in the Darkness

When you’re a kid, they tell you not to fear the dark; there’s nothing scary out there, they say.  But when you’re a kid, those assurances don’t seem to stop you from seeing scary shapes in the shadows at the foot of the bed.  So you pull the covers up close under your chin, perhaps […]

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“I tawt I taw a puddy tat!”

I have some really fond memories of Saturday morning cartoons, as a kid, with my Dad and brother.  Man, what carefree days those were.  The only thing I had to think about then was what would the next adventure be.  This cool cat here makes me feel that way again, and being on vacation doesn’t […]

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The Shining

I don’t know what’s going on upstairs, but those lights… they beckon… come!!  Only problem is this place is abandoned.  So what’s up with the lights?  I thought the power to this place had been cut?  And what is that pulsating light coming from the lightbulb ahead.  It was dead only a moment ago; as […]

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