vertical panorama

Warm on the inside

While I continue my deliberations about my future in photography, I’ve promised that I would still post-process and post photographs I’ve take over the last several months, but have just not had the time or inclination to work on.  This shot, of an old spiral staircase, is one I shot during a fairly recent trip to an abandoned paper mill in former East Germany.  I photographed this vertical panorama (or Vertorama) with my 24mm tilt-shift lens, using both shift (to shoot the upper and lower frames of the vertorama), and tilt (to keep the stairs sharper, while allowing the rest of the shot to blur).  By the way, if anyone has questions about how to use a tilt-shift lens, Photomatix and Photoshop to do this kind of work, give me a holler!  And if you want to see a true Vertorama master at work, check out South African photographer Paul Bruins’ work on flickr.  He is known there as Panorama Paul, and it was through his amazing work that I was turned on to Vertoramas!



Just because…

I think I sometimes forget why it is, exactly, that I shoot and post-process what I do, and why I maintain a website.  Is it because I want lot’s of people to come see my pictures and enjoy seeing a bit of what I got to see?  Sure.  Is it because I enjoy reading comments from all of you who drop by?  Absolutely.  So that’s it?  Uh, no!  In the end, I do it for me… just because.  Because I like the calmness I feel when I am out shooting, as well as when I am at home post-processing.  So I suppose I have nothing to really say about today’s shot, other than to say that I photographed it, post-precessed it and posted it… just because.

Where Sin and Sorrow are all done away…

Sometimes, we all face a creative block, whether partial or complete.  I had one of those moments today while I pondered how I was going to work the brackets that resulted in the photograph you see here today.  At first, I thought I’d go for something dark, which would have me digging into the heavier parts of my music collection.  But, it being the Holiday season, something was pulling me away from the dark side.  Instead, I was looking for something hopeful again.  So, I started digging through my Blues collection to find something appropriate.  After several minutes of listening to some tracks, I came across a perfect  song from gospel blues singer Washington Phillips called What are they doing in Heaven today.  After listening to the song several time and focusing on the lyrics intensely, I got the inspiration I needed to channel today’s piece; I imagined that there were many people who’ve passed through this now abandoned asylum who are now, hopefully, in a much better place.  I’ve pasted the lyrics below the photo for those who might like to see them.  Enjoy.

What are they doing in Heaven today?

What are they doing in heaven today?
I don’t know boy
But it’s my biz to say it and sing about it

What are they doing in heaven today,
Where sin and sorrow are all done away?
Peace abounds like a river, they say.
What are they doing there now?

I’m thinking of friends whom I used to know,
Who lived and suffered in this world below
But they’ve gone off to heaven, but I want to know
What are they doing there now?

Oh, what are they doing in heaven today,
Where sin and sorrow are all done away?
Peace abounds like a river, they say.
But what are they doing there now?

There’s some whose hearts were burdened with care
They paid for their moment to fighting and tears
But they clung to the cross with trembling and fear
But what are they doing there now?


And there’s some whose bodies were full of disease
Physicians and doctors couldn’t give them much ease
But they suffered ’til death brought a final release
But what are they doing there now?


There’s some who were poor and often despised
They looked up to heaven with tear-blinded eyes
While people were heedless and deaf to their cries
But what are they doing there now?

~ Washington Phillips

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