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I’ve always been a big fan of sci-fi and horror flicks, and I’ve got a pretty good imagination to boot, which is probably why a lot of the URBEX environments I visit remind me of some movie I’ve seen before.  Sometimes, that can be a bit creepy, especially if I’m in one of those rooms […]

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Warm on the inside

While I continue my deliberations about my future in photography, I’ve promised that I would still post-process and post photographs I’ve take over the last several months, but have just not had the time or inclination to work on.  This shot, of an old spiral staircase, is one I shot during a fairly recent trip […]

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The Blue Portal to the Within

I’ve seen this unique church entrance just about every day for the last two years, and I keep promising myself that I will photograph it.  It was not until today, as I was returning from an awesome full day of Urban Exploration (URBEX) with Luis dos Santos, a Berlin-based URBEX photographer extraordinaire, that I finally […]

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And they could never tear us apart…

As we draw closer and closer to Christmas, I’m dedicating today’s post and image to my wonderful wife, who’s put up with my craziness  for the last nineteen years and seven months.  She clearly has the patience of Job, and for that I will remain eternally grateful.  She’s such a great woman and, in the […]

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Just because…

I think I sometimes forget why it is, exactly, that I shoot and post-process what I do, and why I maintain a website.  Is it because I want lot’s of people to come see my pictures and enjoy seeing a bit of what I got to see?  Sure.  Is it because I enjoy reading comments […]

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